The set includes 88.1 thousand. Scientific articles dealing with the topic of climate change. Current analyzes were collected from 2021 to November 2020. According to Marc Linas of Cornell University, There is already a consensus of over 99%. Research This is a closed question for the discussion about whether humans are responsible for climate change. The researchers first analyzed 3,000 articles from a set of 88125 texts. An algorithm was then created that searched for keywords such as “sun”, “cosmic rays” or “natural cycles” – they were related to climate-skeptical texts. It turns out that there were only 28 articles in the research that were implicitly or explicitly skeptical, and they were all published in unknown journals. So the conclusions are clear.

Unfortunately, despite these devastating findings – which were not published for the first time – public opinion and statements by politicians and government representatives are often based on faulty conclusions or mere negligence. The debate on this subject despite the clear scientific position, Unfortunately, it won’t end soon.

When it comes to issues related to climate change, there have recently been new novelties in Google Maps, which are supposed to help users In the context of climate problems. In turn, Iceland has just launched the world’s largest facility to combat climate change.

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