This year’s Games of the MotoGP 2 Erik Bachober were not only making his debut in Polish competitions, but also in serious races with 500 knots. In the new season, he will try to train at the back of the PGE Ekstraliga.

Konrad Senkowski

Eric Bachober

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Eric Bachchuber is one of the young hopes of the German racetrack. At the moment, he’s actually learning the motorway vehicle and staying in the shadow of Norik Bloedorn, but he’s proven many times that he has potential. For example, during the final of IM Germany, where he took eleventh place and tied with Ben Ernst.

He started this season in nine sprint league games. On the track, he presented himself in 29 races, in which he scored 22 points for Wolfe Wittstock with five bonuses.

He also managed to raise one three. It happened on June 5, when SpecHouse PSŻ Pozna Wittstock visited. Then Bachhuber won the youth race, reaching the finish line ahead of Lukas Baumann and Kacper Kłosok.

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With an average of 0.931, he was 43rd in the league stats, ahead of two more experienced players, Ernst Matgussonok and Marius Hilbrand.

Konrad Sinkowski, WP SportoweFakty: Twelve Matches, Twelve Failures. What do you think hasn’t made Wolff so bad this season?

Eric Bachober, MSC representative Wolfe Wittstock in the 2021 season: I think a lot of factors contributed to that – eg the problem of team building, then the turmoil we couldn’t go into, all of a sudden it turned out that we were going and starting practically overnight, without any training or sparring.

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It’s awful as a team, but you can be fairly happy with your individual situation.

As for the fact that it was my first season in the youth category, I am satisfied. I study a lot and am grateful to Frank Mauer for giving me this opportunity.

Are there any matches from this season that you are most excited about and vice versa?

The match in Poznan was good for me, as I loved the track there (Eric scored 3 points with a bonus – editor’s note). As for the weakest, it is definitely an Opole match. My starts were good, but I couldn’t use my advantage on the road and get it to the finish line.

Next season, you’ll be wearing new colors because you’ve signed a contract with Trans MF Landshut Devils.

Yes, this is correct. I will sign a two-year contract, and one of the factors was, among other things, distance. I have an hour’s drive from home to Landshut, which allows me to attend courses more often. The shorter path is also important to me because I am still learning and can develop in peace.

There are many indications that you, along with Norik Bloedorn, can be a key starter on the Swamper Kregum team. Did it have any effect, too?

No, none of that. Trans MF Landshut Deils needed a player under 21 (Marius Hillebrand became a rookie – editorial note), and wanted to move to Landshut.

And do you feel ready to lead in the eWinner 1. League?

Honestly, I don’t know… I always try to do my best and score as many points as possible.

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Were there any discussions with Wolff Wittstock about the new deal?

Nobody. Frank Mauer just congratulated me and wished me good luck.

You probably know what kind of warehouses are built in Landshut. In your opinion, will you be able to fight for the playoffs?

Tough question. Time and track will show what we can do.

You will ride in the same team as Martin Smolensky, Kai Hockenbeck or Dimitri Berg. Driving side by side with these experienced and titled competitors is a good opportunity to improve your skills?

I think it will help me. Only frequent riding with good riders or against good riders would allow me to develop and correct my mistakes.

Changing the club to one of the higher league means the need to invest and replace the machinery area?

None of my bikes are actually equipped for international level. The bikes are now being disassembled and prepared for the winter, spare parts are purchased and the engines are delivered to the tuners.

Club from Landshut help with hardware?

In Germany, players take care of their equipment themselves.

Do you have any offers from other leagues like Sweden, UK or Denmark?

Yes, but at least not yet possible. Perhaps that will be possible in 2023.

In the introduction to our conversation, you mentioned that you are one of the most talented German players. How do these opinions affect you and what do you think of them?

I am proud to be one of the best German juniors, because thanks to this I am supported by the ADAC Sports Foundation. For me, the biggest challenge is dealing with the balance between science and the fast track. I hope to soon deal only with sports.

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