“Not Your Muse” will feature 12 songs, including nine that have not been released before, and singles “Strange”, “A Little Love” and “Stop This Flame” (Sky Sports Premier League theme). The Deluxe Edition will contain fan favorites: “Recently,” “Both Sides of the Moon,” “Son of the Father,” and “Hear My Voice”. I am very proud of what I managed to achieve on my debut album and that I am in that position, especially after this difficult year. Celeste says I am grateful and excited.

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Celeste announces to everyone: Love has returned

“Love Is Back,” the fourth single to promote “Not Your Muse,” is a reactionary statement full of optimism. Celeste puts her sorrows aside and ensures she can only see the glass half full – which she also encourages her fans to do.

Celeste won exactly a year ago, in January 2020, in the prestigious BBC Sound 2020 poll and won the BRITs Rising Star award. “Hear My Voice” was released on the soundtrack to Aaron Sorkin’s new movie “Chicago Seven Trial”. Backstage expert Celeste promises an Oscar nomination for this song. In turn, the song “A Little Love” found its way into the long-awaited Christmas commercial from John Lewis’ stores. For the first time in history, a song written specifically for an advertisement was used on the spot. YouTube announced Celeste as the next artist on Artist On The Rise, and Pixar featured the star in “It’s Alright” for the music-packed animation “Soul”.

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The Chicago Trial of the Seven on Netflix. Played great and not too far away