Recently the president made several moves that the Law and Justice Party saw as a blatant attack on the ruling camp. The veto of the Government Administration Administration Act and some other works was just another stone for this park.

Just a few days ago, Andrzej Duda announced in an interview with Interia that Jean-Maria Rocketa would be the right candidate for the Ombudsman. – It is a pity that he had not previously agreed to this with Rocketa and at least some parliamentarians to obtain any support for such an initiative in the House of Representatives – says former advisor Andre Duda. Only the president got her support from Solidarna Polska. Its politicians, like Patrick Jackie, declared with unconvincing enthusiasm on Twitter that it was a very good idea. And this is not the only vote in the Socialist Party in favor of the president.

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What happens after the presidency

A well-known Law and Justice politician explains to us that the president’s recent actions resulted from the alliance between André Duda, Zbigniew Ziobra and Piata Szidou. – This is an attempt to create a space for a new gathering in the post-Kaczyński era. There are talks between Piata, Zebiçek and the president about building a sphere of influence that may be surprising within three years.

– Szydło and Ziobro disagree that Morawiecki will be the dolphin on the right hand after Kaczyński, so they’ve already taken action. The president has just over four years left in office. When his presidency is over, he will still be a young man who could be of great significance in politics, says one well-known Law and Justice politician.

Moreover, recent personnel changes in the palace show that when made, Andrzej Duda Beata Szidlo can consult. Bowie Szrot, who currently holds the position of Chief of the Office of the President, was nominated to the position of Secretary of State for the Prime Minister’s Office, then his deputy during the term of Beata Szido. Piotr Ćwik, the former province of Lesser Poland who became Vice President of the Chancellery of the President, is also associated with the current member of the European Parliament.

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The nominations of people associated with the former prime minister show that although Beata Szydło’s star has faded, she intends to return to Polish politics.

Earth for a new party

Interestingly, the veto was used to amend the law on government departments and some other laws, which stipulated, among other things, the following: The separation between the new departments of government administration: geology, forestry and hunting, and the administrative center of government, was in honor of Michai Wu, a politician from Solidarity Poland, who served as Environment Minister from March to October 2020.

– There is an influence on the president from Szydło and Ziobro. Of course, they will not form a party within a month or two, but rather they will build the ground for it. They are not giving up and you can see that they want to have an impact on what the Kaczynski right wing should look like – says former adviser Andrei Doda.

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