Britain, like nearly every country in Europe, is struggling with the second wave of the Coronavirus. The situation in the UK has deteriorated in one form or another since mid-September, when the daily increase in the number of cases was 3-4 thousand. To fight the second wave of the pandemic, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the decision to lockdown England, which will last until December 2. Earlier, Northern Ireland and Wales took a similar step.

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Fans will return to the English Premier League stands!

Initially, the biggest success was considered not to have decided to suspend the sport, especially the Premier League. However, as the BBC has reported, due to the lockdown, fans are preparing excellent information for football and other outdoor sports. The UK authorities are seriously considering allowing up to 4,000 spectators to enter stadiums in less dangerous areas. In the second level, the number of viewers will be reduced to 2000.

“At the first and second levels, sporting events and business events will be able to resume, both at home and abroad, with capacity constraints and social distancing,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement sent to the House of Commons on Monday.

Later this week, we will announce which areas fall under each level, based on a case study across all age groups, especially over the age of 60. Hopefully on Thursday, Johnson added.

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