A recently published report from SWPS University titled “Poles About Polish Films” shows that we consider Marek Kotersky’s “Day of Rage” with the unforgettable role of Marek Kundrat as Adaś Miauczyński to be the best Polish film ever. The results of this study prompted Ilona Ostrovska to express her gratitude for the opportunity to appear in this film in a small role. Although he appears on screen only for a moment, he is fondly remembered for working on the set.

Filmed in 2002, “The Day of the Freak” has been a popular movie. Many scenes from him have already fallen into history, including the scene in which Adau Miaochinsky teaches his son the English language or sits down to write the poem “I Influenced the Dry Stretch of the Ocean.” Among the frequently cited parts of the film is also a scene from a train journey, in which in the cabin along with the main character there are many women who have disturbing conversations from Miauczyński, because they repeat the same thing many times.

One of these women was played by Ilona Ostrovska. Although it was an episode of the role, the actress remembers it very fondly. So, when announcing the results of the “Poles on Polish Films” report, Ostrovska thanked the director on Instagram for the opportunity to play in this popular production. “The all-time selected Polish film, + Day of the Freak + in the first place. Thank you, Marek Kotersky, for this trip at PKP. He has set a date, has set a date,” the actress wrote, referring to the line she’s talking about in this movie .

The other actors who played in “The Day of the Freak” left their comments below her post. Katarzyna Zielińska, who also appeared in the famous scene in the train compartment, said in the caption: “Thank you too. It was a beautiful day. On the other hand, Mysyk Kotersky, son of the director and one of the main roles, wrote:“ And I don’t! ”

The report “Poles on Polish Films” was released in the years 2019-20. In addition to “Day of Rage,” the top three also included: Pawik Pavlikowski’s Oscar-nominated film “Cold War” and “Gods”. Written by Łukasz Polkowski. SWPS University report entitled “Poles on Polish Film” commissioned by the National Film Archives – Audiovisual Institute (PAP Life)

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