The junior competition at the Wimbledon 2022 Grand Slam is entering its decisive phase. Only one representative of Poland remained in the tournament, Olaf Bychkowski, who has a chance of a final in the doubles.

Rafai Smolensky

Olaf Bychkowski

PRESS MATERIAL / Lotus BZT Polish Tour / Pictured: Olaf Bychkowski

On Thursday, Olaf Pichkowski and Jakob Minczyk played against Chuck Lam, Coleman Wong and Michael Zing. The Hong Kong representative and the American responded to the weaker first set, so the super tiebreak was crucial. But this match fell into the hands of the Polish-Czech duo, who finished sixth, and they would appear in the semi-finals.

Peskovsky and Mincek started very well. In the first version, they did not allow themselves to be surprised and had two achievements. First, they took the lead 2: 1, which they did not give up until the end of the group. Then they added a break in the ninth game and thus closed out that part of the match.

Wong and Cheng replied in the second set. At the start of this match, they scored two achievements and quickly scored 4-0. There was no doubt that the losses suffered by the Poles and the Czechs would be compensated. In the seventh inning, the competitors had another break, and then perhaps finished the set.

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In such circumstances, the tiebreaker was the winner. Peskovsky and Mincek were 4-2 ahead in the first turn of the sides, but Wong and Cheng won by another three. But our actor and partner remained calm in the end. They advanced to 8-5. They did not release this feature anymore and ended the match with the first match ball.

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After 70 minutes, Peskovsky and Mincek won 6:3, 1:6, 10-6, and qualified for the doubles semi-finals of the junior version of Wimbledon 2022. Their opponents will be Gabriel Debrow and Paul Inchosby, marked by the number five. . In the first stage, the French eliminated another Polish youth, Boris Zgocha and Croatian Mate Dodig.

ChampionshipsWimbledon (UK)
Grand Slam Championship, grass pitch
Thursday 7 July

Junior Doubles Quarter-finals:

Olaf Bychkowski (Poland, 6) / Jacob Minczyk (Czech Republic, 6) – Chuck Lam Coleman Wong (Hong Kong) / Michael Zeng (US) 6-3, 1-6, 10-6

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Will Olaf Bychkowski and Jakob Minsek qualify for the final?

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