Boliv Koprat appears agile and confident as he is relaxed and engaged in the World Heavyweight Championship bubble that isolates him Anthony Joshua Until their fight for the title Saturday night at Wembley. “I feel a little lighter and at my best, like this,” the Bulgarian competitor said on Wednesday. “He has to be strong and fast and now I feel very dangerous.”

Joshua was expected to retain his titles at the International Boxing Association, the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Organization but Boliv smiled and gave a low growl when asked to predict the outcome. “This means that we will win,” he said of Al-Hadar. It won’t be an easy battle but we will win it. He’s a very good fighter, and I respect him, but I’ll show that I’m the best boxer. Two good fighters mean it’s a dangerous fight, and I like that. “

Boliv is an immersive figure outside of boxing, but remains hugely popular in Bulgaria. Watched by nearly two million people in his homeland losing his only previous world title match, to Vladimir Klitschko in 2014, Boliv asserts that being the first Bulgarian to win the World Heavyweight Championship would make a profound meaning. “For me that is much more important than becoming champion for money. It means everything if I achieve it. I don’t think it’s my last chance but it is an important moment. I lost once.” [to Klitschko] I was so young, and so green.

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“Before Klitschko I was comfortable but there were many problems. My promoters were talking about tickets and money. It was mistakes because I just didn’t think about training and fighting strategy. It just didn’t work. This week was great because we’re in the bubble. People want to see me but I’m telling them I’m in the bubble.” “.

Pulev has an impressive record of 28-1 but he is 39. Nevertheless, he insists, “I can do 12 rounds. I can do 20 rounds. I have trained in our mountains which are 2,300 meters above sea level.”

As the bubble bursts with speculation that Joshua’s two-fight deal with WBC champion Tyson Fury will be announced soon, Pulev said he wasn’t offended. “I like people talking about Joshua v Fury more than Joshua v Pulev’s. It’s not an insult to me. Everyone might think heavyweight boxers are stupid but we’re smart. I’m glad that while he’s thinking about fighting someone else, he’s underestimating my appreciation and the current situation.” .

If Boliv can fight with the same serenity and conviction he speaks, and use a heavy blow and clear force to test Joshua, then we can have a real fight inside the bubble.

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