Less than two months after the premiere of the second season of Love, Hulu owners Victor has decided to officially renew production. Thus, in the third series, we will know the other fate of the title Victor.

Part of the poster promoting ‘Victor’s Love’

Below is an entry from the show’s official Twitter account to inform about the third season.

a series Love, Victor Accidental to the movie your simon. The main character is Victor, played by Michael Cimino. The boy as a new gay student at Creekwood High School cannot find himself in a heterosexual environment. When it looks like he’s no longer fully coping, he reaches out to Simon. Victor tries to find and understand himself, while facing the challenges that await him at home and school.

The second season of the series showed us the effects of Victor’s decision at the conclusion of the first series. He decided to reveal his orientation, but unfortunately did not get a positive reaction from his mother. We’ve also seen how the teen deals with his new partner, Benji. However, there was also another difficulty for Victor. He had to contend with being an exposed gay athlete.

The film’s original writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger are responsible for the series.

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