Amanda Businesswoman Amanda (Cameron Diaz) runs a thriving advertising business in Los Angeles. One day, a woman learns of the betrayal of her boyfriend who she lives with. In a fit of anger, she kicked him out of the house. Meanwhile, UK-based Iris (Kate Winslet) suffers from the wedding of a man she loves. Meanwhile, he is marrying another.

The women meet on a website that offers to switch the house for the holidays. And they came up with the same idea. Go somewhere as far away as possible from what is bothering them. So Amanda and Iris decide to switch places during the Christmas season. Amanda goes to snowy England, and Iris goes to Los Angeles. And since this is a romantic comedy and not a complicated drama, there is no need to wait long for two handsome men to come into their lives. Amanda meets Iris’ handsome brother Graham (Jude Law), and Iris meets in sunny Los Angeles, Amanda’s cute and slightly brutal classmate Miles (Jack Black). Thanks to the exchange of houses, both women have the opportunity to change their entire lives.

Such a movie is not just 140 minutes of fun. Also an antidote for broken hearts. Love may be around the corner. You just need to take a good look around.

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