Many spend their lives trying to work out the secret to happiness.

And while the answer might remain forever a mystery, research shows that there are steps you can take to contribute to overall well-being.

So here are a few simple habits that happy people incorporate into every day.

Family Quality Time

“A family that eats together, stays together”, is an old saying and apparently family meals have been proven to help foster better relationships and leave us feeling happier. So no matter how busy your day is, make time for family mealtimes as neglecting our important relationships can cause internal stress and anxiety.


It will come as no surprise to learn that the happiest people make time for daily exercise, even if it is just a simple 20-minute walk. That’s because when we exercise, our brains secrete chemicals known as endorphins into our bloodstreams, and those chemicals flow through our bodies and simply make us feel good. Choose an exercise that you enjoy. If it helps, do it with a friend or listen to music. Adults should aim for 150 minutes a week.


 When you spend solitary time, your brain switches to alpha waves, which is where bursts of creative energy come from.

Let’s Dance

A few minutes of dancing every day can help you feel happy and relaxed and give you a healthy endorphin rush.

Avoid Road Rage

Traffic jams and poor driving can send blood pressure soaring but staying calm behind the wheel is an easy way to feel happier.

Don’t Gossip

No matter how tempting a quick gossip might be, toning it down could leave you feeling happier – instead try to think of something positive to say. People who say something pleasant attract like-minded people into their lives and being surrounded by pleasant people makes you happier.

See The Funny Side

 Try to see the funny side of situations and you’ll often be able to cope better. Jokes have a way of making worries seem less important.

Get Organised

 A cluttered office or home is not good for your well-being – being disorganised causes stress.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the way you feel about yourself. The best way to improve your self-esteem is to treat yourself as you would treat a valued friend, in a positive but honest way.

Notice when you’re putting yourself down, such as thinking, “You’re so stupid for not getting that job”, and instead think, “Would I say that to my best friend?”. You probably wouldn’t.

Tell yourself something positive instead, such as: “You’re a bright person, you’ll get the next job”.