The next day of the World Hockey Championship, the tournament surprised – the Kazakh national team played with Canada. In order to dream of playing in the knockout stages, the Canadians had to beat their rivals. In another match, the Swedish national team played with Great Britain, and in the evening Denmark, Belarus, Latvia and Norway played their matches.

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The Swedes, after the last meeting and the defeat to the Czech Republic, had to collect a full set of points, just like the Canadians. An ambitious battle team from Great Britain stood in their way. The match started off excitingly, with Liam Kirk leading the Britons to the lead in the eighth minute of the match. The Swedes tried to respond to what they had achieved in the 16th minute and Marcus Sorensen took advantage of the match.

In the second batch, hockey players from the North managed to score two goals scored by Jonathan Bodas and Mario Quimby. In the final period of the second goal in this meeting, Kempe scored, achieving the victory of Sweden.

Sweden – Great Britain 4:1 (1:1, 2:0, 1:0)

In another match in Group A, the Danish team faced Belarus. Both teams have done well so far, which promises to put in a great show. The Belarus national team advanced three minutes after the first whistle of the referee, and Artyom Demko scored a goal for our eastern neighbors.

The Danes responded with a blow from Nikolai Mayer, but in the second period, Belarus took the lead again thanks to Mikhail Stefanovich. The last twenty minutes of the match turned out to be fatal in the performance of the Danes – they scored as many as four goals after shots by Asperup, From, Lauridsen and True, eliminating the match victory.

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Denmark-Belarus 5: 2 (1: 1, 0: 1, 4: 0)

group b

After the victory over Norway, the Canadian team faced the sensation of the championship – Kazakhstan. In the first part, only one goal was scored, which gave Canada the lead – Andrew Mangyapan put the puck in the net against Kazakhstan. Already at the beginning of the second half, Adam Henrique added 2: 0, but a few minutes later Nikita Mikhails, Baris striker Nur Sultan, scored a touch goal.

The last twenty minutes began with an unexpected turn of events – the Kazakhs led the equalizer, and Darcy Comber was again defeated by Mikhailos.

However, the Canadians managed to find a recipe for defending the Kazakhs and scored two more goals after Parfiti and Brown’s shots, adding a handful of points to their account, thus leaving the promotion question open.

Kazakhstan – Canada 2:4 (0:1, 1:1, 1:2)

The Latvians, the hosts of the tournament, are still struggling to qualify for the playoffs. In order to definitely come close to this result, they needed a full point total in the match against Norway. The Norwegians took the lead first, and Sondre Olden put the puck into the goal.

Ten minutes or so after this hit, Reynaers Karstenburgs equalized, and shortly before the break Ronald Kennes raised the score to 2:1 for the hosts. In the second period, the Norwegians tied and Matisse Keflinxa beat Ken-Andre Olimp. In the last twenty minutes, both teams hit the net, resulting in a playoff in which neither team scored. There were penalties, and it turns out the Norwegians were better out there after a successful attempt by Michael Haag.

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Latvia – Norway 3:4 (2:1, 0:1, 1:1) on pens