Brief summary of the screenshot.

• The screenshot was taken on October 15, 2021

• Amount collected: 216,153,015 PLN

• 1181 contributions to the collection account

• 1168 online transfers

• 13 fixed transfers at the post office

• The largest payment is 8800 PLN

• The smallest payment is PLN 1

• accessed 1170 times

• #DlaStali was one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter and Facebook

• All local media, including regional and national media, have written about the screenshot several times. We were on the Internet, newspapers, radio and TV stations in the most popular program about Ekstraklasa, ie Liga + Extra in Canal +

• People living abroad participated in different ways in the Robię To #DlaStali Mielec campaign. With us there were countries such as:

United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, France, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Belarus, Ukraine, Portugal, Romania, Ghana.

• People living in Poland participated in the actions of “Robię To #FlaStali Mielec” in different ways. With us there were such cities and towns as: Milek, Milecki District, Kraków, Rzeszow, Warsaw, ód, Dubica, Lublin, Kielce, Wrocław, Tarnow, Kolbusova, Nowy Socz, Tarnóbrzeg, Lycia Gora, Gassuzo, Strako,, Jerzmanowice, Katowice, Tyowice , Baranów Sandomierski, Głogów Małopolski, Szczucin, Skopanie, Ropczyce, Cmolas, Zabrze, Grębów, Gdańsk, Łańcut, Poznań, Połaniec, Gdzyniszó.

• #DlaStali Auctions started on October 16, 2021

• Members of a group of 2447 people

• Register today in auctions On October 26, 2021, 12,000 PLN was deposited into the projection account

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• We auctioned, among other things, a Robert Lewandowski shirt, a meeting with the legend of Stal Mielec Eduard Kazimierski, a glider, a visit to an air tower, participation in the preparations for the Stal Mielec match, balls signed by the Polish national team, training with world champions, chess with Polish Champion Stali Mielec Football Players Shirts Match Tickets