The Poles were competing in Manchester for two days, but the British were better at the crucial moment. Maciej Janowski fell to second place and even the singles win for Bartosz Zmarzlik did not give the “white and red” gold. – Today we are talking about disappointment, but in my texts I have always emphasized that every medal and place on the podium is a success. Because it’s always the result of hard work on the highway. A discussion about the appointment and the selection of the selector will begin soon, but I will cut it short now – confirms Jacek Frątczak in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy.

Our interviewer argues that Maciej Janowski’s downfall was the result of a typical racing situation and we often see similar things in the sport. – Partek Zmerzlik may not have looked back, but he doesn’t like to. Maciej Janowski enjoys this style, he has tried this type of movement more than once, in Wrocław he can use the tracks right next to the fence. This time it didn’t work. I will not start a discussion about their cooperation here. It can happen to any couple. Janowski helped build an advantage for two days, and that should be appreciated. Congratulations to all the result – Frątczak Analytics.

Interestingly enough, the British gold medal did not surprise former Fallopaz manager Zielona Gora and Jet Will Torun at all. – Yes. At 4:00 PM I texted my friend Piotr Fryda, who is a huge fan of Fallopaz. I wrote that gold will be for the hosts. I felt that Dan Beyoli instead of Tai and Vinden wouldn’t be a weakness, quite the opposite. Those who remember the match for third place in PGE Ekstraliga 2020 between Sparta and Falubaz know what this boy does on such tracks – says Jacek Frątczak.

The motorcycle racing expert also noted that at the crucial moment, riders using Ashley Holloway engines triumphed over those in Ryszard Kowalski’s gear, although earlier Polish customers were the ones who looked a little better. This might be a good advertisement for a Brit.

The Manchester competition was an excellent advertisement for the motorway, although journalists and fans debate the rules. Many have suggested that building an advantage over two days is useless because gold is determined by one final heat. – We should not focus on discussing the rules of procedure. It’s the same for everyone and that should be enough – cuts Jacek Frątczak.

The bronze medalists who completed the podium were won by the Danes. Madsen and Michaelsen fell into a playoff against the Speedway of Nations hosts.