Mediateka from Zagłębie invites you to hold unique meetings with artists as part of the Space of Word Festival. Over the course of eight days, Aula Zagłębiowska Mediateka will host 6 multidisciplinary literary and musical events, during which 16 great artists will present – writers, poets, musicians and translators.

Before us is the first edition of the International Space Festival. The events will take place from 22 to 29 October at Zagłębie Mediateka in Sosnowiec. Many great artists were invited to participate in the festival. Among them were Ervin Welch (Scotland), the legendary author of one of the most important books of the twentieth century “Trainspotting”, Artur Rojcic, a leading Polish musician of the past thirty years or Cholud Sarraf, a brilliant award-winning Syrian. Poet.

The principle followed by the organizers of the Word Space Festival is an innovative approach to traditional literary encounters. It must be conducted in a way that is consistent with the challenges of the 21st century – be dynamic, have interesting debates and literary performances. Literature interacts more and more with music, visual arts, film and events. During the festival, you will be able to encounter them with these different artistic fields. The leitmotiv in this year’s edition of the Space of Words Festival is proximity.

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