Tomorrow is the first European Championship race in the new iQFoil Olympic sailing class. The regatta will take place on Lake Garda and hosted by Circulo Surf Torbole.


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260 female and male players will participate, including the Polish national team, which has 11 players.

IQFoil is a new windsurfing class that will replace the RS:X class at the Olympic Games in Paris, where Polish windsurfers won two Olympic bronze medals. It was done in London by Przemysław Miarczyński and Zofia Klepacka. However, that is history, and the new category, iQFoil, has changed a lot of the world leaders in Olympic kitesurfing. There were many new swimmers from other classes who started swimming in the new class early enough, and those who fought to the end for the Tokyo Olympics a year late now have to make up for the “lost” time. This is their place including. Several medals at the World and European Championships, Zofia Klepacka and Piotr Myszka.

-Of course, I don’t have high aspirations yet, this will be my second iQFoil Regatta, I just got some experience. After the Olympics, I took a short break to rest and reorganize my sports life, and recently started swimming for a new semester. It is undeniable that those players who immediately switched from RS:Xa to iQFoila have a huge advantage over those who competed in the Olympics in the RS:X class. These two years of teams can be seen during regattas and training. But I will do my best, and it will definitely be another study in a new chapter for me. Keep your fingers crossed for all of us. MAboutand Peter Mezka.

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The Poles at Torbole hope to do well, after all, they have proven since the beginning of the year that they can swim at the top of the world. Maja Dziarnowska is giving off a great start to the season. PGE Sailing Team ambassador Poland recently won a bronze medal at the World Cup in Mallorca, then added a silver in the French Olympic Week regatta.

The European Championship is one of two events this season. I’ve been here for a week trying to get to know the tank, but it’s very difficult to swim in the tank. The morning wind coming from the beach is unpredictable, and the afternoon wind spins as well. The stakes are very high and strong, all the good came, not only from Europe, but also from the world. We’ll probably be racing in two fleets and I must admit I’m feeling a little stressed. I would like to do my best and fight for the top spots, especially since my recent results have been very good. I feel well prepared, I feel good and only now or until it translates into good swimming at the races – MAboutand Maja Dziarnowska.

The iQFoil European Championships will include competitors not only from Europe, but also from all over the world, but only those from the Old Continent will be counted in the European Championship standings. What can the Poles do?

IQFoil European ChampionshipIQFoil European Championship

– Regatta is going to be tough, but I know what our competitors can do – definitely to get a place in the TOP 10. The water area is marked, but well known to most people. In such a large share of competitors, the start will be important, if someone gets stuck at the start, it will be difficult to compensate for the losses. It’s also quite a challenge for judges, especially in the context of false starts. The stakes are very high, the leaders of the whole world, many new faces, there is basically only the Chinese – MAboutwi Przemysław Miarczyński, coach of the men’s national team.

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The European Championship medalists in the iQFoil category will be announced on Sunday, May 22nd. Polish actors:

Maja Dzyarnoska (Sopocki Klub Żeglarski / PGE Sailing Team Poland)
Maja Kuchta (Sopot Sailing Club)
Zofia Klepacka (Legia Warsaw)
Maciek Rutkowski (AZS Poznań / PGE Sailing Team Poland)
Camille Manowitzky (Sopocki Klub Żeglarski / PGE Sailing Team Poland)
Michel Pollack (Gdański Klub Żeglarski / PGE Sailing Team Poland)
Paul Tarnovsky (Sopocki Klub Żeglarski / PGE Sailing Team Poland)
cheerfulFormansky seat (AZS AWFIS Gdańsk / PGE Sailing Team Poland)
Dominic Lewinsky (Gdansk Sailing Club)
Pewter Mezka (AZS AWFIS Gdańsk)
Thomas Romanowski (AZS Poznan)

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