There are rear wing structures, and then there Rear wing structures. This is the last one, installed on the upcoming Porsche 911 GT3. This is the new generation of the 911 GT3 “992” for model icon makers. For the rest of us, it’s the Porsche you want.

These official photos then show what Porsche has been working on throughout the lockdown. Not a bad project. Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of official information, but thoughtful guesswork clears its way into something really tempting.

It will likely feature a 4.0-liter flatbed 4.0-liter capacity, because GT3 the last one and The 911 Speedster was excellent last year – Under the direction of GT3 Mr Andreas Preuninger – he had one too. The Speedster got an emissions-focused exhaust system, individual throttle bodies and even higher pressure directional injection, resulting in 503 hp. Expect the new GT3 to be a 500hp + machine, then.

We also suspect it will be presented as a guide because once again, it was the last one, and Porsche intricately knows its fans and the kind of enthusiasts they crave after the GT3. Yes, brochures are slower, but more fun.

Not that this GT3 will be slow. No doubt Porsche was watching it Mercedes-AMG’s latest feats on the German circuitOne will make sure to arrive at the Panzai Black Series GT. All recent GT3s have been what you might call a “easy” about “” circuit, unforgettable.

What next what? It looks serious, not least in the specs of this prototype. This rear wing is a “ swan neck ” setting, which succeeds in infusing both a) the race-generated pedigree and b) the impressive, in one package of meat.

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It will likely be available for purchase early next year for over £ 150,000. The last time, Porsche offered a “Touring” version of the GT3, which would be a strong possibility for this new car. There will definitely be an “RS” version. Because Porsche.

More as we have …