The Prime Minister’s Scholarships were presented to the best students from the school complex in Jeżów by the Principal of the School, Stanislav Hados.

These awards were awarded to: Martyna Nienajadło, Konrad Bednarz, Julia Maciążek and Kinga Laufer.

The ceremony was accompanied by a meeting with Michel Chukka, representative of Teatr im. Wanda Siemaszkowa in Rzeszów.

The meeting was chaired by Ryszard Moses, the group’s former teacher, and organized by Polish teacher Joanna Aluska. It was attended by high school students and eighth graders at the elementary school in Jeżów Podgórze and the elementary school in Jeżów Centrum.

hedgehogs.  science and passion

– Known for his theater and film roles, as well as producing radio plays and podcasts, the actor talked about his work, his acting career and how he got involved with Podkarpacie and Teatr im. Wanda Siemaszkowa in Rzeszów – said Ryszard Mścisz.

Michel Chuchka plays in the theater both classic productions, such as Lloyd Shakespeare’s “Happy Wives of Windsor”, and contemporary shows, such as Lloyd’s “Venus in Four”. Ives and “Crazy Scissors” b. .

hedgehogs.  science and passion

The meeting not only improved the school’s image, but also drew the students’ attention to the possibility of linking science with passion in life. Certainly also – which the actor himself took care of – encouraged the students to visit Teatr im. Wanda Siemaszkowa in Rzeszów and watched Michał Chołka and other actors perform in an interesting performance – Mr. Ryszard added.




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