Unfortunately, car tuning is associated with an increased risk of malfunctions. Connecting some parts together does not always have to be correct and is not preceded by hundreds of kilometers of testing before being on the road.

The scope of modifications depends on the level of knowledge and mechanical skills of the car owner, and, of course, on the budget available to him.

>400,000 was spent on tuning the Huracán. Now he has the opportunity to compare it to a Formula 1 car (video)

In the attached video, you’ll likely see one of the first rides of the car right after it was built. We do not know exactly what this car is, it is difficult to recognize when the interior is completely modified.

The passenger who was able to take the ride with the owner was also excited, so he decided to make a movie so he could show it to his friends later.

> 750 km in a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. Came to tuning Poland all the way from Great Britain (video)

Unfortunately, when the owner decided to test the capabilities of the car, a serious gearbox malfunction occurred. You will definitely have to go back to the garage and check what went wrong.

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