Like a man knows, but he still deceives himself. Just as I waited with frank enthusiasm for HBO Max in Poland, I knew that for years there were different users complaining about HBO Max, and that their shows were not only on TVs, but also on various mobile devices. Traditions carry over from older brother to newer: HBO Max is awesome, he has a plethora of things that might interest me (and they actually do). But their demands are terrible.

At the first shot, something scandalous to the extreme. It turns out that despite the fact that every streaming platform works perfectly in these conditions, HBO Max has a problem. Fiber optics, very good TV, very night time – that doesn’t bother HBO Max. Watching movies on random breaks is not fun and after some time you have had enough. Does it help anyway to pause the movie for a moment and then resume until the buffer is full of data? does not help. I was wondering if I was the only one with such problems. It turns out no – not just me. Reddit users have it too – since 2019. Not to be so, the information that someone is complaining about keeps coming up. I master it.

HBO Max Polish users will primarily be people who also use other streaming platforms. If everything is fine with the others, and only HBO is performing poorly – it will demotivate them very quickly. And I don’t think even showing off really rich content wouldn’t be enough reason to stay with Max any longer. Satisfaction with services is the combination of its true value with service standards.

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HBO Max app is the best HBO GO app

Exactly – the application looks more modern, and it is better to visualize it in the context of the user interface. But just as bad caching can be, performance is disastrous – at least on webOS. Are you telling me it might be the fault of the TV which is “too weak”? Mother, Netflix, YouTube, and Sneaky Player are fine. First, the weak HBO Max is not among the many software used on the device to support streaming services. The fact that HBO GO and HBO Max share huge chunks of code and solutions can be seen through the way text is entered into the search engine. Mandatory, after entering the following characters in the text field you have to allocate a second or two for “lag”. Writing anything “quickly” is almost impossible. The HBO Max interface isn’t something I’ve wanted to like for too long in a streaming app – I’m there to watch movies.

As for the browser version – this one seems to be fine, of course, except for the moments when the buffering doesn’t work and we have to enjoy the great view of the paused movie and read the info. However, you don’t feel the weight of the interface, which is even on the TV: maybe because it’s just a PC with much more computing power than a mid-range TV on the wall, and it doesn’t need many x86-core processors, huge gigabytes of RAM etc. that.

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The platform is great but the app…

If the HBO Max selection was only influenced by whether the app was ‘okay’ – today I’m going to bounce off the streaming platform and say ‘I don’t want more’. That’s why, for now, I can say, “I’ll give you another chance” – I don’t think it’s okay to dismiss HBO Max here and now just because something isn’t working for me. I say it frankly – if you don’t get better soon, even the best title library won’t help and I’ll have to deal with taste. I don’t like to use things that have a duration of something like “Stockholm Syndrome”.