Harvey Elliott revealed that he is in constant contact with his Liverpool team-mates while on loan to Blackburn Rovers.

The youngster left Anfield on the day of the transfer deadline to spend the season at Ewood Park in his regular playing time.

Elliott He started his first tournament match midweek during the Rovers 3-1 defeat to Watford, and was again in the starting line-up against Coventry City on Saturday.

The Liverpool Al-Muar scored his first goal for the club and a decisive pass in a dominant 4–0 win, albeit with the help of a very early red card for the home side.

Speaking after the match, Elliott revealed that he is in constant contact with his teammates after each match.

He said, “They always send me messages every day.” Lanx Live.

“After every training session, after every match, they send me messages.

“I still get messages from guys saying good luck, I hope you’re okay, I miss you and things like that. So having them send me a message is a boost for me too.”

About his loan tenure and score, Elliott said: “The main score is the main thing here.

“I was only happy to sign up and contribute to the win. I hope this is the first of many but I’m just excited to see what really happens.

“It is only the beginning, I have a long way to go. I am taking it day in and day out and I hope to be able to do performances in training sessions and in matches to show people what I can do.

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“Once we got 1-0 ahead, (we weren’t) comfortable but we were able to play our football and keep it going and then we killed them.

“The two of us had a few chances that we should have put them away but luckily we put them away in the second half.

“It just shows you what this team has. They have a lot of creative players, a lot of technical players as well and he’s been a good target.

Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield United

“It can be more difficult when the teams are sitting, they protect the goal which makes it difficult for them to collapse. In all fairness, they did a good job in the first half but like every team they were lucky and we managed to eliminate them.”

“Everyone has a lot of fun in this team. I think we all play together, we all want to give each other opportunities and there is unselfishness in this team but hard work comes with it as well.

“The main goal for me this season is to really bring the team closer to the upside, I think that’s my main goal.

“He helped the team and I think Blackburn deserves to be in the Premier League, it’s a great club with great players and even against Watford we have proven our quality in the team and they are a decent team as well.”