October 27, 2021, 22:00

Minecraft fans didn’t just build their own Hogwarts. Dreams players can also visit the well-known school of wizards from Harry Potter.

Not only players Maine Craft the end of the show creativity (And love the beloved series). Great projects are also born in other games, such as Hogwarts Castle with the world Harry Potter Recreated by a user under the pseudonym jedimaster369 w dreams.

Harry Potter's Virtual Hogwarts is a great dream creation - Illustration #1
Harry Potter's Virtual Hogwarts is an impressive creation of the Dreams player - Illustration #2

?? Source: jedimaster369 on the official Dreams website.

The project is still in the pipeline, but its creator already boasted about the results of his work in August (to his delight cheerful society). The construction takes into account all the rooms known from the prototype of the book (and the movie), where the “candles” are raised, the stairs “move”, the Quidditch stadium, the forbidden forest area, etc. Unfortunately (fortunately?) there were no ghosts and vivid images.

Let us remind you that it has been in operation for over a year Dustepney experimental dreams, including selected community works, the start of a story campaign and the possibility to check out the tools to create your own projects.

  1. Dreams official website

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