Leading composer duo Hania and Dubrauwa today release their much-anticipated debut album Inner Symphonies by Deutsche Gramophone. Polish composer, pianist and singer Hania Rani and cellist Dobrawa Chucher, the youngest of two composers to sign a contract combining piano, cello and electronics in a multi-genre and style album containing ten songs that reflect the close artistic collaboration that has developed since the first time they met as a teen at music school in Gdansk.

Recorded at the Szczecin Philharmonic in their native Poland, Inner Symphonies is the first full-length album of their original works. Blending layered instrumental and electronic sounds to deliver an emotionally charged, lyrical, and emotional vision of contemporary classical music, it takes listeners on a journey from winter to spring, from darkness to light, and despair to hope. “It really does come from two very close but very different worlds,” Hania explains. “The cabin means something small, private and intimate, while the symphony means something big. This is a new adventure for us.”

The three electronic singles released in July (Con Moto) and September (Dunkel, There Will Be Hope) really gave the album a taste of music, and fans could also enjoy an exceptional duo performance that was broadcast live from DG’s Yellow Lounge on a night at last month’s Reeperbahn in Hamburg. .

Earlier this year, Hania and Dubrauwa were the stars of Netflix Polska’s promotional campaign for the new thriller Open Your Eyes, whose main theme is the sensational Dunkel formula. In this innovative project, artists were connected to a brain-computer interface during a presentation, and the collected signals were then translated into 3D animations in real time and displayed back in the environment. You can watch the full movie here.

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Both artists studied at the famous Friedrich Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw and Germany. Hania was a hit in Poland and Great Britain with her first solo album, and Dobrauwa had an impressive career as a soloist, chamber musician, cellist and orchestra.

The duo will take the Inner Symphonies on a major European tour in the fall, with upcoming concerts in Paris, London, Dublin, Zurich, Utrecht, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Barcelona and Madrid.

Inner Symphonic Song List
1. Opening
2. Z Moto
3. The whale song
4. Scream
5. There will be hope
6. Animation
7. Demons
8. Malasana
9. Darkness
10. Spring