November 20, 2021, 2:52 pm

343 Industries praised the work done on Halo Infinite. The December premiere is non-threatening. We also know when we’ll be able to run production on the day it debuts.


  1. infinite aura it has finished. The premiere, scheduled for December 8, is non-threatening.

Studio 343 Industries splurge madhhab on twitter infinite aura Which means that the mail December 8 release date not threatened. It is also then that the single-player campaign will appear for the first time, which has been separated so that the online mode can appear earlier.

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This version, in the form of an open beta, has been available for a few days and can be proud of Huge success. At its peak, over 272,000 players played it on Steam. The result will be even more impressive when we think about console players and people who have used the Microsoft Store to play infinite aura.

343 Industries has also announced the times we will be able to play the campaign infinite aura. The game portals will open in our region at 19:00 on December 8, 2021.

Halo Infinite undefined movie premiere;  We know when to start - Illustration 1

There is also a tablespoon of tar in this barrel of honey. The option to run the campaign in co-op mode has been left Transformation It will appear early in the fall of the next corner. The study was also delayed. It was originally supposed to appear in Season Three next year. However, 343 Industries decided to extend it from three to six months, so it is likely that the situation will not appear until 2023.

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