Gunk is rated in the first reviews. Reviews of critics indicate that this is a good position.

As previously announced, The Gunk is available on Xbox Game Pass today. People who pay for Microsoft’s service, whether on Xbox or PC, can play right from 3pm Poland time in an adventurer trying to save the planet destroyed by a disgusting parasite.

A few hours ago, the first reviews of people who had the opportunity to try out the production of a small team of images and models in recent days were published on the web. In their opinion, it is a decent title with amazing graphics and a good story fueled by interesting relationships between the characters. In terms of mechanics and pure gameplay, reviewers are disappointed, as there are no attractive challenges or new solutions here.

The current average (based on Metacritic) for The Gunk for Xbox Series X is 7.1/10, and the Xbox One boasts a 7.5/10. In the case of the PC it’s a bit worse, because 6.6/10. Ratings say this isn’t a great production , but still good. If you’re interested in our review of The Gunk, you can read it next week.

Comments from selected sites:

  • GameSpew – 8/10
  • PC Inviasion 8/10
  • IGN – 7/10
  • Detective game – 7/10
  • Tear screen – 7/10
  • devastating – 6/10

Meanwhile, there’s also a trailer for The Gunk, which you can watch below: