What are the arenas for the Africa Cup of Nations in Senegal (1992), Burkina Faso (1998), Mali (2002), Ghana (2008), Angola (2010), Gabon (2012, 2017), Guinea Runicua (2015)? All the main stadiums for these tournaments were built with the help of the Chinese – thanks to the donations of the Chinese government, thanks to the work of Chinese construction companies and architects.

To this list we need to add Koci Kociowa (Sonia Coast) (2023) and Guine (2025) – this is where Chiczyca has built or will soon build new stadiums for the CAN.

The jewel of the Catonia coast is a Chinese gift

Even a pandemic will not stop this great building project. In October 2020, one of Africa’s newest stadiums was completed, the “Jewel of the Kiten Coast Sonia”. Le Stade Olympique d’Ebimpé in Abidan was designed and built by Chinese companies and opened by a delegation from your center.

This time, President Xi Jinping, who loves to participate in such celebrations, was absent. Three years ago, on tour in Africa, he charmingly handed Senegalese President Macky Sall the “golden key” of the Chicago-built Senegalese wrestling arena. This is the sport in which the champion was the “Bombardier”, Serene Osman Dia – the last opponent of Marius Podzianovsky.

As for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations in January in Cameroon, Czech Republic has built two new stadiums there – in Limbe and Bafoussam. They also loaned $40 million to the Cameroonian authorities on preferential terms.

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In Africa, Chiczyca built arenas for the African Games in Congo (2015), Mozambique (2011) and Kenya (1987).

Playgrounds as gifts for secession from Taiwan

But the generosity of China’s investment in stadiums is not limited to Africa. When the 2007 Cricket World Cup was to be held in the West Indies, the former Caribbean colonies Great BritainThe Kitanis also took advantage of the opportunity to become closer to the countries of this region. In the capital of Granada, St. George built a stadium for 16 thousand. Viewers for $40 million. The Kitans provided not only the money themselves, but also 300 construction workers. $55 million will be given to the government of the People’s Republic of China for the stadium in Antigua and Barbuda, and $35 million will be borrowed by Jamaica.

Legia Warsaw - ZagScreaming screams, fear and panic in Ligia. But then Vukovi will step in

Granada was given the stadium as a gift to sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 2005. A similar gift was also given to Costa Rica. San Jose National Stadium was the first modern stadium in Central America. The Chizi family spent $100 million on it, a decision they made when Costa Rica cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 2007. The first general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jintao, arrived at the facility’s opening in 2011.

We are expected to see more investment in stadiums soon in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua – these countries have also cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan in recent days, which China Consider it your rebel province.

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The Chicago Diplomatic Grounds began in 1958.

It’s all just a small part of Chinese stadium diplomacy that has been run by the world’s most populous government for decades. It began in 1958, when Czech Republic built a stadium in the Mongolian capital, Uan Bator. In recent years – along with the country’s growing wealth – the momentum of China’s investment in stadiums has grown visibly. Most of the so-called Third World were gifted in this way. And all these playgrounds and preferential credits expand our spheres of influence.

Today, no great football tournament can do without the Americans. Even in Europe. Of the 12 UEFA partners and sponsors for Euro 2020, five were Chinese. “Covid-19, geopolitics has not prevented Chinese brands from expanding globally,” she triumphantly wrote the Global Times, a newspaper sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party.

During the World Cup in Qatar, these Chinese companies will be in a prominent position. Of the ten sponsors and partners there are three.

giant clashPZPN is no longer the largest association in Poland. Interesting beneficiary of government decisions

The Chinese with dense networks of dependencies covered the entire sport. The diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, announced by, among others, the United States of America, Australia I CanadaIt has only a symbolic meaning. Neither the International Olympic Committee, nor FIFA, nor the European Football Association, nor any other major sports organization will raise the issue of human rights in China. The WTA’s decision not to hold tennis tournaments under its auspices in China until Peng Shuai’s disappearance is clarified is only an exception. Besides, the WTA is much easier because it is not a sports federation, but an institution based on business rules, and tournaments will disappear in China during the epidemic and the organization has dealt with it.

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But it’s not just about money. If you look at the scale of Chinese sports diplomacy, in a word, an alliance of talented friends with beautiful stadiums will go after any head of the World Federation that would endanger the Chinese. Sports play an important role in their politics. That is why they are already organizing the second Olympic Games after a 14-year hiatus. The next goal is to organize the FIFA World Cup.

And how expensive it is to disclose to the Chinese, find out the NBA and the Premier League. Both major tournaments lost their chances of earning hundreds of millions of dollars in China. The Americans treated Houston Rockets manager Daryl Morey, who supported the protests in Hong Kong, very lightly. On the other hand, the English Premier League pays for the anti-China measures on the part of the British government.