The creators of Glitchpunk are ready to let the former learn about their vision of GTA 2. The Dark Lord has confirmed the game’s Early Access release date and on this occasion we can check out the new trailer. The studio mentions Rockstar’s great stature for a reason.

This was just confirmed by Dark Lord developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment On August 11th, Glitchpunk, “GTA 2’s old-school style cyberpunk action game,” will hit Steam Early Access. This will be a great opportunity to check out the items He was collecting praise from the first ad.

Are you ready for a miserable future? Do you have what it takes to deal with the unbridled chaos of an unbalanced world? Dark Lord developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced that Glitchpunk, the old GTA 2 action electronic game, will be coming to Steam Early Access on August 11, 2021.”

The publisher confirms that as part of early access, players will be able to access two cities (Outpost Texas and New Baltia), but developers are already working on expanding production and soon two more locations (Neo Tokyo and Moscow) will be added to the site. The creators want to clearly emphasize the individual character of each region and the locations will receive unique gangs, non-playable characters and even their own “exciting story”.

The main character of Glitchpunk is a flawed robot who has decided to battle his own software and challenge authoritarian governments and giant corporations in a dystopian future. There will be no shortage of free advancement in the position, so those interested will be able to choose the tasks themselves, fight against other gangs or aggressive police. The studio promises that every mission in this adventure is “completely unexpected.”

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