Andy Murray, UK
Tennis: men’s singles

Rafael Nadal is the only men’s tennis player to win an individual Olympic title, but withdrew from the tournament in June. Roger Federer is also dead (due to a knee injury) while Novak Djokovic said after Wimbledon that he had “50-50” to participate. While Djokovic’s participation would make him an immediate favorite, 34-year-old Andy Murray will come to Tokyo as the men’s singles champion. Murray won three Grand Slams, but his last major title came at Wimbledon in 2016.

Lisa Carrington, New Zealand
Kayak / Canoe: Women K-1 200m

Carrington, 32, is one of the Dominant Olympic Athlete In the world. In the individual 200-meter kayak event, the shortest race in rowing, she has been unbeaten since 2012. In addition to consecutive Olympic gold medals, she has also won seven world championships in the discipline.

Danuta Kozak, Hungary
Kayak / kayak: women’s K-1 500m

Just as Carrington won consecutive Olympic titles in the 200m kayak, Cusack won more titles in the 500m. However, Cusack’s three-goal bid is disputed by Carrington, who has improved his performance in the 500m over the past few years even beating Cusack at the last World Cup.

Jason Kenny, UK
Cycling (track): men’s sprint
Laura Kenny, UK
Cycling (train): women’s aluminum

With 10 gold medals, Jason Kinney and Laura Kinney (née Trott) are a British Olympic pair. Jason (six zlotys, one silver) is missing two medals to become the country’s most successful Olympian and a gold medal to be the best ever player in the country’s history. Laura (four gold medals) took two medals to become the most successful Olympian in the country. She already has more gold medals than any other British woman, and by attending three events in Tokyo, it is possible that she will outperform her husband and become the country’s gold medalist herself. Both cyclists will bring to the Olympics with the following titles in each competition – Jason in the men’s race and Laura in the women’s aluminum race.

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