Michael Gove, Minister for Equal Opportunities, Building and Communities, has announced that Britons who will bring Ukrainian refugees into their homes for at least six months will receive £350 a month.

The Homes for Refugees program targets Ukrainians who do not have family ties to Great Britain. For a few days now, visa applications can be submitted by those who have relatives in this country. Goff announced, in an interview with Sky News, that more than 3,000 visas have been granted so far. As announced, people wishing to accept Ukrainians can register offers from Monday, and from Friday people will be matched to them. The first people to reach the UK in this way are expected within a week.

Jove expressed the opinion that “tens of thousands” of Ukrainians would come to Great Britain. He also said that all local authorities will receive 10,000 pounds per person, which will make it possible to include Ukrainian refugees in the education and health care system. All Ukrainian refugees will be able to stay in the UK for up to three years, during which time they will have the right to work and benefits.

In turn, he confirmed in an interview with BBC News, that the government is investigating the possibility of housing refugees in real estate that will be confiscated from the Russian oligarchs. “I want to analyze the possibility of using the houses and property of the sanctions – as long as they are punished – for humanitarian and other purposes. The legal barrier is very high and we are not talking about permanent confiscation. But we say: + You are under sanctions, you support Putin, this house is here, you do not have the right to use it Or profit from it … If we can use it to help others, then let’s + ”- explained the minister. (PAP)

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