“Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, we have seen intense commitments by companies and investors to end their participation in Russian assets. I would like to make that clear. If companies or investors decide that they should end their financial relations with Russia, the government fully supports themSunak said.

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‘No arguments’ for working with Russia

He stressed that when he met with top entrepreneurs last week, he welcomed unanimously Regarding the need to inflict maximum economic pain on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his regime.

“While I recognize that divesting existing investments may be a challenge, I think there are no arguments for new investments Sunak said in a video posted on social media.

As we wrote on money.pl, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has introduced a government program to provide accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. “Houses for Ukraine”, as they were called, were intended to encourage the British to host people fleeing the Russian invasion. Reuters reports that those providing shelter will be paid £350 a month by the government.



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