Google The latest Chromecast with Google TV Fill in one of the biggest missing apps, as the company announced that it will It will soon introduce the Apple TV app In early 2021.

The Apple TV app will work similarly to other versions of Apple’s service on other devices, allowing subscribers to watch original shows, movies, and documentaries on Apple TV Plus (including Ted Lasso And other offers that are not Ted LassoIt is therefore of lower quality.) Apple TV originals will be integrated into the Google TV content aggregation system as well, allowing the software to recommend them based on your interests.

Additionally, the Apple TV app will allow Chromecast users to access the iTunes library of purchased TV shows and movies, as well as any Apple TV channels they have already subscribed to. This news marks the second major addition of Apple services to Google products, after Recently added support To Apple Music on the Google Assistant smart speakers earlier this month.

Google has not set a specific date for the release of the Apple TV app, but it promises to launch the app in early 2021 – first on Chromecast with Google TV, then followed by other Android TV OS devices running the operating system.

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