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Google Inc. Advertise on her blog Important changes to the search engine for mobile devices that work under control Male in appearance I am iOS. The news should be visible in both the Google app and through mobile internet browsers.

Google is making changes to the search engine

Google has mainly focused on redesigning the look of the search engine so that results are shown in a clearer way than before. According to designer Eileen Cheng, who is responsible for the changes, Google’s goal was to simplify the use of the app and make it easier for Internet users to focus on the information they’re looking for.

The mobile version will be updated from Google Search Foot. Google (

The first of these changes will be to write more important content (such as article titles on the web) so that it is visible at a glance. Google will also change the font used in the search engine to make it compatible with the font previously introduced in Gmail and the pure version of Android. As Cheng points out, this consistency is designed to help people “analyze information more effectively.”

The new look has also been greatly simplified to provide “more breathing space”. Elements like shadows are kept to a minimum, which is also supposed to highlight the most important information, i.e. search results. Moreover, in order not to overwhelm users with an excessive amount of information, the team responsible for the project focused on the muted colors.

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The mobile version will be updated from Google SearchThe mobile version will be updated from Google Search Foot. Google (

The appearance of all icons, info frames, and images has also been redesigned. In the new version, all of these elements have been rounded at the corners to refresh the look of the search engine. Google confirms that this move aims to make the interface style similar to the company’s curved logo design.

Google announces the introduction of the new look of the search engine to all users in the next few days. Similar changes may be found in the future in the desktop version of the search engine.