Did you buy an Android game or app that you’re not completely satisfied with, or made a purchase by mistake? You can easily get refunds from both the web browser level and the Google Play Store app – the return on purchases requires only a few clicks.

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When can we apply for a refund?

And the most important is time Our reaction and Write Returned content.

apps and games (digital content), we can go back inside 2 hours from purchase. When you purchase or subscribe to digital content via Google Play, we agree to the immediate availability of that content, which is notified to us at the ordering stage. This means to the customer There is no waiver of the right Withdrawal from the purchase contract resulting from the law. Sometimes we may receive a refund after this date as a courtesy, but we can’t be sure here (we’ll explain how to request this later in this guide). We can return the app or the game Once onlyRepurchase will be binding.

Of course, games and apps are not all that the Google Play Store has to offer. To retrieve content from departments Movies and books We have seven days, but the record of regulations on the books says that this applies to most, and therefore not all, items.

Google Play How to get the money back?

digital services They are treated completely differently. In this case, we have 14 days to return from the date of purchase. So if we purchased a file storage service with Google Assistant, we can cancel the purchase within two weeks and get a full refund.

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Subscription purchases will not be eligible for a refund Google Play Music. You can cancel your subscription and access to the content will cease at the end of the paid period. We can return songs and singles for up to seven days, provided they are not returned downloaded or Recreated.

The only exception to the above rules is when purchasing content or service Defective, unavailable, or not working as described.

back on google play

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Google Play – Redeem in-browser purchases

In the first step, we need to log in to google accountwhich we purchased from. Then go to the page that allows you to submit the return form:

Refunds on Google Play in EEA and UK countries

Click on the blue button Refund request:

Google Play Recovery

We will be asked to read the return policy. after selection next one We need to confirm that the purchase was made on this account.

Google Play Recovery Form

Then we choose the app for which we want to refund and one of the pre-selected apps Reasons for resignation (for example, “I am no longer interested in this purchase”).

Google Play how to make a comeback
How to get google play money back

In the last step, we confirm our desire to return by clicking the button Refund requestThen we will receive confirmation that the order has been processed.

google play refund request

Google Play – Refund in Browser Purchases with Reason

If we want to request a refund, for example After the deadline And we would like to additionally Explain our situationWe can do this by logging into the Google Play Store website at:

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Google Play Store

In the upper right corner, click the button sign in Log in to the account where we made the purchase:

Google Play - Back

After logging in, select the tab account From the menu on the left, as in the screenshot below:

How to get money back from google play

By default, we will get to the Awards page. From the menu at the bottom of the search bar go to The date of application:

Refunds from google play

Now we need to choose from the list the application for which we want to refund the money. We choose an option here Report a problem Reason for resignation:

Google Play Return Terms

In the next step, we can explain the situation and send our report.

Google Play reason to return

Google Play – Refund for in-app purchases on the phone

The payout in the Google Play app on the phone is very fast and efficient. We can make it on In two ways – From the home page of the returned game or application (digital content) or using a bookmark Payments and subscriptions in the settings.

In this first scenario, you just have to click a button Recovery And confirm our intentions as in the screenshot below:

Google Play - Refund purchases over the phone
Google Play How to get money back over the phone

We can also use the options in the settings. After opening the Google Play Store app, tap the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then go to Payments and subscriptions:

Google Play Refund

In the next step, select tab Budget and history:

Google Play Recovery

All that remains now is to find the application in the list. After you click on the item you are interested in, the options will appear Opinion And the Recovery. Choosing return will allow us to complete the action:

How to get money back in Google play
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