A Polish cardiologist working in Great Britain, who was suspended due to his poor English skills and failed language exams six times, has been given the seventh chance by the disciplinary committee, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, 62-year-old Thomas Frelevich has moved to Great Britain He received his PhD from Krakow in 2006 and has worked in several public hospitals as a surrogate, as well as in a non-clinical role, analyzing data from echocardiograms for clinical trial purposes.

However, a cardiologist with medical qualifications 35 years ago was nominated, in 2014, to the General Medical Council (GMC), the British Medical Chamber, after repeatedly failing tests assessing the ability to speak, understand, read and write in English. Since then, he has been appearing every year before medical committees after back-to-back failed checks, according to the Daily Mail.

United Kingdom Britain. Polish doctor hung. He failed an English language test

Initially, Fryźlewicz, who now lives in Plymouth, was allowed to work in hospitals under supervision, but at the committee’s third meeting, in 2017, he was suspended from practice for six months after he failed to improve his English to the required level. He was readmitted to supervised work in 2018, then suspended again in 2020 for 12 months.

According to the DM, it now turns out that Fryźlewicz has been suspended for 10 months because he refused to take another test, arguing that he needed more time during the test itself to pass. MPTS, the court that hears complaints against doctors and decides whether they are eligible to practice, has not decided to suspend him for life, but has decided to give him another chance to pass the internationally recognized IELTS or OET language test for healthcare professionals.

According to the Daily Mail, the doctor described GMC’s investigators as “inhuman bureaucrats” and accused them of engaging in a “witch hunt”, and claimed they were the victims of “indirect discrimination” on the basis of their nationality. In a written letter, he accused the GMC of “pressing” an IELTS examinee not to give him higher grades, and a classmate who is older than him to change his “positive opinion of him”.

GMC bureaucrats are using impractical and disproportionate measures instead of looking for a viable solution to my situation

Dr. Tomas Frylevich

In previous hearings, it was revealed that due to concerns about his language skills, Fryźlewicz had been fired from Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow and from University College London Hospital, and offered a job in the cardiology department at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, but the offer was withdrawn due to errors. Basic language in the emails I send.

Fryźlewicz’s allegations of “inhuman treatment” by Peter Warne of GMC were dismissed. His accusations are unfounded and it is his responsibility to prove that he knows English at a level that would allow him to work safely as a doctor. realistically (seen), the only way to recover dr. In order for Frizlewicz to train as a doctor, it will be possible to pass the test. Instead, try to set a standard that is acceptable to him. He said he ignored what he was told to do and was trying to blame others.