Google has revealed the news that will soon be available for Android and the apps available for it. There will be new widgets, more memories in Google Photos, and privacy fixes. However, these changes are nothing compared to being able to unlock a brand new BMW with a phone!

Unfortunately abroad The new BMW model You still need a proper phone. The function of opening, closing and starting the car is available by phone Pixela 6, Pixela 6 Pro And Samsung Galaxy S21. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in select countries, but we’ll finally see it in Poland.

Android Auto

Other drivers should be excited about the upcoming changes to Android Auto. The driver interface can be turned on automatically when connected to a compatible vehicle. Replying to text messages will be easier. You will be able to use the Google Assistant and reply with a message from the form.

There will always be a visible button on the Android Auto home screen to start playing the music for the trip. Over time, voice search for music will also be introduced into multimedia applications.

App permissions

Google is also announcing more changes to improve our privacy on Android. It will be released to all devices running Android 6.0 or later Automatic revocation of app permissions that have not been launched for a long time. These apps will lose access to files, photos, contacts, etc.

The permissions will be re-enabled when the app is launched and you do not need to re-grant them manually. Of course, you can also restore permissions for apps by yourself without launching them using Settings.

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Widgets, Memories & Emoji

It will be introduced in the Google Photos app later this week Fresh Memories, intended for holidays. Galleries captured on Christmas, New Year and other holidays as well as birthdays, graduations, and the like will appear in the photo grid. We will be able to change or remove these memories so that no one stays forever on a vacation they don’t care about.

Another novelty is emoji kitchen – Job In beta version of Gboard keyboardLets you mix different emoji together. You have to see it with your own eyes:

Emoji w Gboard Kitchen

Many Google apps will also get new tools. and yes YouTube Music can be played from the home screenAnd also remember the songs you listened to recently. The Google Play Books app will receive a similar tool, where you will be able to track the progress of reading e-books and listening to audiobooks.

Google Photos will also be available next week A tool that displays pictures of people and animals. In the settings, you will need to indicate faces and animals, as well as select a decorative frame. Based on this, the tool will randomly arrange the photos and display them on the home screen of the phone.

The latest news is family bellReminder for the whole family. You do not need to call each one individually, because all the devices in the house will cope with this “bell”. Of course, everyone will be able to set their own notifications on their phone, regardless of group notifications.

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Image source: Shutterstock, Google

Text source: Google