I don’t quite understand why desktop and laptop computers work both Google Assistant Deleted. However, the Chromebooks I got are a good niche and the most interesting solution would be to setup a dedicated app for Windows 10 and Apple’s OS. However, if you want to see what it might look like, you can download and install the unofficial client prepared by two files L Abraham. You will find it on GitHubie, Although the configuration process itself is not the easiest. First you need to register a Google Cloud account, then register your own project with Google to be able to use the Assistant API. Does it comply with Google’s guidelines? Probably not and the program will disappear in a moment. However, if you take the risk and manage to go through the configuration process, you will be able to use Google Assistant from the window on your desktop or laptop.

And it seems to be working fine. Commands can be entered by voice and text, the program window is configurable and you can change its size – it is also similar to a Google project and fits in with the visual design of other manufacturer’s applications.

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