A message from members of the US Congress urging US President Joe Biden to continue to support the Three Seas Initiative, showing the strategic role of this initiative in transatlantic relations; This will likely have an impact on the new administration’s opinion on the matter, President Krzysztof Cheszierski told PAP.

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Message from members of Congress to Joe Biden

Members of the US Congress called on President Joe Biden to continue supporting the Three Seas Initiative. The speech, signed by 14 members of Congress from both parties – the Democratic Party and the Republican Party – emphasized the strategic importance of the initiative, the need to eliminate the region’s dependence on Russia and China in energy and economy, and the need to preserve the United States. Financial support for the Three Seas Initiative.

Szczerski: Three Seas with support that is not subject to political change in the United States

Krzysztof Szczerski He told PAP that the letter showed continued support from members of Congress of both parties for the Three Seas Initiative.

We have tried to obtain such support for the Three Seas Initiative that will not be subject to political change in the United States. We have succeeded in all of this, and we have built that support

– The minister confirmed.

In his assessment, “the attractiveness of the members of Congress demonstrates very clearly the three seas’ strategic role in transatlantic relations.”

It shows that this is not just another political project (…) but as for Atlantic relations, Europe and the United States, it is one of the strategic projects today.

– added.

Most importantly, members of Congress confirm to what extent, through initiatives such as the Three Seas Region, the countries of our region are building their own economic and political autonomy, and that is an expression of self-confidence in our region.

– pointed out Schersky. He added that the letter also emphasized the importance of maintaining financial support for the initiative. He also noted that members of Congress appealed to Joe Biden at a time when the foreign policy of the new US administration is shaping.

It is good that at the beginning of the new administration process, members of Congress expressed their support for the Three Seas a lot, because it is likely (…) that he will influence the opinion of the American administration

– He confirmed.

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The new American administration promises to support it

Schersky At the same time, he stressed that the appeal of the members of Congress did not result from “some instability” or plans to change the American position in this regard.

In the conversation I had, for example, with Secretary Bowie Solosh with the White House, it was very clear that the new US administration would want to continue to support the Three Seas.

– The minister confirmed.

It was a phone conversation the Presidential Secretary and Head of the National Security Bureau had in early February with the US President’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Subsequently, Cchirski and Solusz emphasized that despite the change in the US administration, the priorities for Polish-American cooperation had not changed.

Chchirsky said at the time that the conversation concerned, among other things, economic cooperation, as well as in terms of the Three Seas Initiative. He also confirmed that the Biden administration declared its commitment to this project, considering it a “strategic element in transatlantic relations.”

In an interview with the Palestinian Parliament, the Presidential Minister indicated that in November of last year, the US House of Representatives, with the support of both parties, adopted a resolution on the Three Seas Initiative. It supports the initiative “as part of efforts to increase energy independence and connectivity to infrastructure and thus enhance the security of the United States and Europe.”

Cchirsky emphasized that the procedures for the Three Seas Initiative are also implemented by representatives of the countries belonging to this initiative. As he said, a letter was also sent to the Joe Biden administration by the three seas accredited ambassadors to Washington.

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The Three Seas Initiative is a political and economic initiative established in 2015 at the initiative of the Presidents of Poland and Croatia. The group currently includes 12 European Union countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary – and lies between the Adriatic Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

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