Morgan and Susanna Reed send their support to Kate Raids while she spends her first Christmas without her husband Derek.

Kate’s husband, Derek, 53, has spent more than 270 days in hospital recovering from COVID-19 in hospital.


Pierce and Susanna made sure to tell their friend and co-worker that they were thinking of herCredit: ITV

Pierce, 55, and Susanna, 50, have hosted the first ever Christmas Day show, and GMB has paid tribute to a colleague who has been devastated by her partner’s illness.

Former political lobbyist Derek, 53, was put into an induced coma after being hospitalized in March with the coronavirus.

Speaking of his colleague’s unwavering strength and courage, Pierce said on the show: “Of course, to all those who have lost loved ones this year, or who are seriously ill from the virus.

“We’re especially thinking of our colleague Kate, of course, who won’t be with Derek this Christmas. It’s always been a special time, we know, for the family and our hearts are with Kate and the kids today.

Derek is still in the hospital recovering from the coronavirus


Derek is still in hospital recovering from the coronavirusCredit: Scientific

“It will be a very different birthday for them, and apparently we still hope and pray that Derek comes through what has been a very difficult ordeal for him, obviously, and his family.”

Derek is now the longest-running Covid-19 patient in the country after spending six months in hospital.

Painfully Kate watched over FaceTime as Derek uttered the word “pain” as doctors manipulated his body to prevent him from spasticity.

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It was his first word after that 214 days in hospital.

Kate has spoken repeatedly about how much she and their kids Darcy and Bailey miss him.

Pearce praised associate Kate and her husband Derek


Pearce praised associate Kate and her husband DerekCredit: Rex Features

The 53-year-old was forced into the sole mother of Darcy, 14, and Billy, 11, as Derek struggled with his coronavirus coma.

This week Kate got a Inspiration of the Year award In the Hi! Women Superstar Awards After her courage throughout her family’s tragedy.

Speaking at the virtual awards ceremony, the Good Morning Britain star said: “We’ve got closer, but they also miss their dad, so I think I’m trying to be a mom and dad too and obviously I can’t.

“It’s sad too, so there sure is enough laughter going on as well. This is very important.

It's been a tough year for Derek and Kate - and we hope he's back home in 2021


It’s been a tough year for Derek and Kate – and we hope he’s back home in 2021Credit: Rex Features

“You find yourself laughing at the silliest things and that’s kind of a release.”

She added, “Obviously I hope Derek can recover and get back to us. I mean, that’s the big problem.”

“I hope that as a country we can fight our way out of this epidemic. We are not giving in to bitterness and anger.

“I hope we can preserve the community spirit we had in the beginning as we were all applauding the caregivers.”