Google offers Go variants some of its most popular implementations of low-power devices. This week, Gmail Go became quietly available for download to all users, regardless of device, In the Play Store.

Updated 9/10: Yesterday’s development appears to have been an accident on Google’s part. After just over 24 hours, Gmail Go is no longer available for download on devices other than Android Go.

When visiting the menu on a Pixel phone that was previously able to install the simple app, the warning message “Your device is not compatible with this version” appears in red. Weirdly, the Go recommendation from the main Gmail client is still visible this evening. Google’s rollback of this wide availability makes sense in the end, but it’s still unfortunate for users who actually participated.

Original 10/8: Play store listings for apps are Almost identical, But Google is specifying how to deliver the Go variant, “The Gmail you love is now lighter and faster.” However, Google has not updated the Go screenshots.

The only difference with the app icon is that there is a red “Go” badge at the bottom. Once launched, the apps are visually identical as everything is placed and arranged. Emails can be scrolled through the main menu with customizable actions to the left / right, while there is support for multiple accounts and different inbox organization.

However, there is no bottom bar like Google Meet It has not been integrated In Gmail Go. It is not clear how Google workspace This will affect moving forward.

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Another difference is how the user interface elements are not elevated. There are no seams, so there is no shadow. Instead, Gmail Go uses a white outline for the search field and FAB for extended build, although it still shrinks into a circle as I scroll.

Plus, the frame rate is set very clearly, resulting in noticeable lag while scrolling and sliding to open the navigation tray. This should be a performance improvement for devices with limited processor and RAM.

If you visit the regular Gmail menu, the Play Store notices how a “similar app” is available. It happened sometime this week, with Gmail Go installed on the various Pixel devices running Android 11 in the US and Europe.

Matches how other Go apps are also available to all users: Google Go, Go Gallery, Google Maps GoAnd and Navigation for Google Maps Go. Go assistant And the Youtube goo It is now the only app that does not support all devices.

Gmail Go Download might not make very sense to users outside of the download audience, but it’s nice if an option is available.

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