American Lily King (centre) won the women’s 200m classic.

The American swimmers won six medals, including four golds, at the five World Cup finals in Budapest on Thursday. None of the U.S. representatives stood on the podium in the men’s 200m classic in classic style.

American Lily King won the women’s 200m classic, with compatriot Kate Douglas third. The men’s struggle over 200 meters at noon was similar. Ryan Murphy won the gold, while Shane Casas enjoyed the bronze.

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He also won the US men’s relay in the 4 x 200 meter freestyle. The second Australian team was more than three seconds slower. The British stood on the lowest rung of the podium.

Today’s American Legacy complete the bronze in the 100-meter freestyle. Australia’s Molly O’Callaghan and Sweden’s Sarah Schwestrom were the best.

On the other hand, Australian Zach Staubletti Cook won the only competition without an American competitor on the podium – at 200 meters in classic style. Japan’s Yu Hanaguruma and Sweden’s Erik Persson took second place, respectively.

Three poles compete on Thursday. For the sixth time, Jacob Majerski advanced to the 100m final on Friday in Butterfly style. Laura Bernat in the 200-meter breaststroke finished 11th, and Pawe Juraszek in the 50-meter freestyle finished 14th.

Wyniki czwartkowych finałów:


100 m st. dowolnym

1. Mollie O'Callaghan (Australia)   52,67 s
2. Sarah Sjoestroem (Szwecja)       52,80
3. Torri Huske (USA)                52,92

200 m st. klasycznym

1. Lilly King (USA)               2.22,41 
2. Jenna Strauch (Australia)      2.23,04
3. Kate Douglass (USA)            2.23,20


200 m st. grzbietowym

1. Ryan Murphy (USA)              1.54,52 
2. Luke Greenbank (W. Brytania)   1.55,16
3. Shaine Casas (USA)             1.55,35

200 m st. klasycznym

1. Zac Stubblety-Cook (Australia) 2.07,07 
2. Yu Hanaguruma (Japonia)        2.08,38
 . Erik Persson (Szwecja)         2.08,38 

4x200 m st. dowolnym

1. USA                            7.00,24
  (Drew Kibler, Carson Foster, Trenton Julian, Kieran Smith)
2. Australia                      7.03,50
  (Elijah Winnington, Zac Incerti, Samuel Jack Short, Mack Horton) 
3. Wielka Brytania                7.04,00
  (James Guy, Joe Litchfield, Jacob Whittle, Tom Dean) 


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