Until 6 pm in the Jasło Cultural Center you can enjoy the attractions offered to the residents of Jasło and the surrounding area as part of the upcoming Science Festival. It will present Estrada Tyska, Competence Research Institute, Aviation Valley Association Education Support Foundation, Jasło Senior Secondary School and Jasło Communication Club SP8KJX.

Participants in the event, like those who participated in its previous sessions, can not complain about boredom. The organizers of the event, Jaselski House of Culture and the city of Jasso, along with partners (city ​​library general and Regional Museum) gave them many impressions thanks to the interesting experiences and performances.

– Estrada Tyska has prepared a special program for children and adolescents “The Laboratory of Young Scientists”. In return, the Competence Research Institute will provide the functions known from previous versions, incl. Frankenstein’s mirror, geometric puzzle, labyrinth, flaming skyscraper, Pascal’s triangle, puzzle games, Leonard’s bridge and mirror symmetry. We will host the Copernicus Science Center for the first time. The facility has prepared a popular science show: “Stress”, “Mental Hold” and “Sea Stories”, which are designed to arouse the participants’ interest in the phenomena occurring in the world around us. Rzeszów Aviation Valley will offer demonstrations in the aviation and construction areas as well as games with science. There will also be a post titled “Physics Everywhere.” This year, radio amateurs from Jasło will also join the festival, who will present radio equipment, give a presentation on communications in digital sound systems (SSB, FM, AM) (DMR, FT8, ECHOLINK, APRS), and will also discuss antenna systems, including hidden antennas. There will also be the possibility of communication for those interested. Traditionally, this year’s festival will feature the Astronomy Department of High School No. 1 and the program it has prepared

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