The 1992 Formula 1 champion got tired of seeing his legendary cars gathering dust in the garage and decided to take advantage of them. Put it up for sale and earn a huge amount.

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Nigel Mansell leads Williams

PRESS MATERIAL / WILLIAMS / Pictured: Nigel Mansell driving Williams

Even if Nigel Mansell was not placed among the best Formula 1 drivers in history, Williams’ dominance in the early 1990s allowed him to win the 1992 title. On this occasion, the Briton raised a large sum, but he also fought for some Formula One cars. on the property.

Sotheby’s reported that Mansell was “tired of watching his cars idle in the garage”. Therefore, several cars were put up for sale, including two F1 cars – Ferrari from the 1989 season and Williams from the 1991 season.

The Ferrari 640 is unique in that Mansell was the last driver that founder Enzo Ferrari personally negotiated with. The legendary Italian left shortly after ending talks with the British, in August 1988. His debut season in the red car did not work out in the end for Mansell, who finished fourth in the Formula One Championship. At auction, a Ferrari 640 model sold for $4.3 million.

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The iconic Williams FW14 is also undoubtedly the same, which brought Mansell five F1 victories, four consecutive podiums and a second place in the World Championship in the 1991 season. That car also reminded Team Grove of “riding” Ayrton Senna, having The Brazilian was running short of fuel in the car after the British Grand Prix. Mansell drove the Brazilian into the pit lane, which sat at the rear of the FW14.

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Williams gave the car to Mansell as a souvenir, but without the Renault engine, which the French had taken under contract. The British team’s machine, despite the lack of a drivetrain, also sold for $4.3 million.

Mansell disposed of three other race cars from his garage, which were used, among other things, in the veterans’ contest or for demonstration. He received hundreds of thousands of dollars from them. In total, the Briton won just over $9 million.

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