The 17th Lublin Science Festival has kicked off. On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, on Maria Curie-Skłodowska Square in Lublin, a multimedia exhibition entitled “Lublin Science Avenue” was opened. The exhibition was opened by the Vice President for Science and International Cooperation, Prof. Wiesław Gruszecki.

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The exhibition presents glimpses of 25 distinguished Lublin scholars from five public universities in digital graphics – says Dr. – We decided to portray these scientists in an unconventional way. We created illustrations in Linocut technology. A group of 9 students under my supervision took care of it. They create sketches and graphic design, then cut them into linoleum and print them on paper.

The exhibition is presented on large LED screens. The project created for the Lublin Science Festival will be available to visitors until Friday, September 24 from 9.00-21.00.

The audience of the 17th Lublin Science Festival was also met on Tuesday by “Mr. Belfer – Teacher from the Internet”, i.e. David Łasiński. A chemistry teacher and science promoter talked about how to get the younger generation interested in science, more precisely in acquiring knowledge

– Said Dawid Łasiński – The boundaries between student and teacher must be overcome in different ways, listening to the expectations of young people. – I can prepare for classes differently, for example with a hammer and Lego blocks, because my students need them to explain the electronic configuration to them differently from the grid with the down arrow and up arrow. I can also drop out of school and look up CO2 levels with young people and wonder why the results are different in the woods and different on the street.

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After the lecture, he had the conversation with guest Alexandra and Pyotr Stanislavsky from Crazy Nauka Channel. The meeting was held at the Shatka Shaka Academic Center for Culture and Media.

meeting with a. Charles Bennett, American thinker, physicist and pioneer of information theory, known for his research into the surprising connections between quantum physics and information. It starts from 17.50 in the great hall of the Academic Center for Culture and Information Chatka aka.

SzyK / ToMa

Photo Iona Burdzanovska