The victory and world record for the Americans in the 4 x 100 m medley ended the competition in swimming.

American swimmers win the 4 x 100-meter medley relay event at the Tokyo Olympics. They took a time of 3.26.78, which is a new world record. The British won the silver and the Italians won the bronze. The winning sequence consisted of: Ryan Murphy, Michael Andrew, Caleb Dressel, Zach Abel.

The previous best result in the world belonged to the Americans, too. The US team established it in 2009 and it was 0.5 seconds worse than the current one.

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The British lost 0.73 seconds to the winners, and the Italians – 2.39 seconds.

It was the last competition in the Tokyo pool. Dressel won five gold medals. On Sunday, the 24-year-old was also the best in the 50m freestyle. Previously, however, he was victorious in the 100-meter crawl and butterfly style, as well as with his friends in the 4 x 100-meter crawl.

Tokyo 2020 – Men’s 4x100m medley swimming results:

1. USA – 3.26.78 – Record Shwiata (Ryan Murphy, Michael Andrew, Caleb Dressel, Zach Apple)
2. Great Britain – 3.27,51 (Luke Greenbank, Adam Petty, James Jay, Duncan Scott)
3. Italy – 3.29,17 (Thomas Ciccone, Niccol Martini, Federico Bordisso, Alessandro Merisi)
4. RKO – 3.2922
5. Australia – 3.29,60
6. Japan – 3.29.91
7. Canada – 3.32,42
8. China – disqualification

9. Poland Eliminated in the qualifying rounds (Kasper Stokowski, Jan Kozakiewicz, Jacob Majersky, Jacob Kraska).

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