The Stargard Science Center columns are free to visit next Saturday, April 30th.

The Open Day is an award for Internet users, thanks to which Pillars earned the title of Investing from a Perspective.

– We won and we keep our promise! – SCN Pillars informs.

Stargardzkie Centrum Nauki Filary can be proud of the title of investments with Perspektywy. After only a quarter of its work, this institution, which reports to the SCK, submitted to the Polish News Agency competition, which it won. A total of 160 local government investments co-financed by European funds participated in the poll.

– To support our supporters, we announced our thanks, and opened SCN for a free full-day tour – reports Ernst Warish, President of Stargard Science Center Pillars. On April 30, 2022, everyone who helped us win this prestigious title was called with their votes!

Columns are open on Saturdays until 5 p.m., and entrances are marked hourly. The round will start on 10. The last group will be entered on 15.

– A certain number of people can stay in our facility at one time – to inform the Pilar crew of the open day. – If there are too many applicants, you may have to wait in line. To ensure entry at the preferred time, we encourage you to pre-book tickets in the BILITY.SCN-FILARY.PL system.

Tickets can also be obtained at the SCN store and at the ticket machine.

– We invite in particular representatives of schools, community centers and all other educational institutions – pillars. – This is a great opportunity to see our exhibition and plan a group visit!

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The Stargard Science Center Pillars is now participating in another national competition. She is fighting for the title of “Update of the Year”. Aqua Star Pool participates in the same competition in the sports facilities category. Voting will continue until May 20. Details can be found on the websites of both institutions. © ℗