Netflix removes series and movies. It is supposed to be a new strategy to deal with the crisis. What products do we no longer see? We know titles that will not be released on Netflix. Check out the site’s list of canceled movie series in 2022. There are quite a few of them.

These activities are Netflix’s attempt to deal with the challenges ahead. Recently, there has been a lot of hype about extending the number of subscribers, and perhaps it will not be better, because the site finally has very decent and bitter subscribers. To make matters worse, the red VOD service removes many films and series that had or had a chance of becoming a hit. To save his position, he wants to offer a cheaper subscription with ads and fight account sharing. Even worse, instead of attracting viewers with interesting news, it has shrunk the animation department. It also deletes movies and series that were successful. We will not see the adaptation of the cult comedy “Ghanat” and the continuation of “Bright” and “Archives 81”.

The whole world was expecting another increase, while Netflix saw its subscriber numbers drop. The first in more than 10 years, which also led to a sharp drop in stock prices. The company is looking for reasons in sanctions against Russia and rival websites, but it does not want to look at all this negatively. Its bosses came back to the idea of ​​a cheaper subscription with advertising, which in my opinion is like putting out a fire with a glass of water.

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Meanwhile, every fan of the site is expecting the platform to start giving us the true gems of Netflix Originals again. Lately Netflix has been producing a lot, but there’s just as much valuable production as the cat cried. In addition, the managers of the site decided to cut the animation department. This is quite surprising, because cartoons – especially those for adults – have become a trademark of Netflix.