France threatened the United Kingdom with retaliation to prevent French fishermen from accessing certain fishing grounds.

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It is located around the water nearby Norman Island of Jersey جيرسي, which belongs to Great Britain. French authorities say that, unlike the Brexit deal, the British are issuing limited fishing licenses in British waters.

Maritime Minister Annick Girardin spoke at the National Assembly about the French government’s response to the denial of access to British waters. On the Brexit deal Revenge is expected. We are ready to take advantage of it. As for the island of Jersey, let me remind you that France sends electricity through submarine cables. If necessary, we will take appropriate action – assured the Minister.

The politician expressed his dissatisfaction with the decisions of the British authorities issued on April 30 Limited fishing licenses near Jersey. This sparked protests by fishermen who were prevented from doing their normal work.

Earlier, France called on the European Union to take decisive action to persuade Britain to abide by its Brexit trade deal. It stipulates that the French may continue to fish in British waters, provided they obtain a license from the British authorities. However, so far A large percentage of French fishermen have not yet obtained such a permit.



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