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Przemysław Czarnek – A man who is neither shy nor afraid of women

Dzenic Gazeta Browna“It states that the former Minister of Science Jaroslav Goyen does not agree with the proposed changes to the Law on Higher Education and Science. As we wrote, according to the current Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslav Kzarnik, they should guarantee ‘freedom of science.’ The package provides protection for academic teachers from religious, philosophical or religious beliefs. Philosophically stated, the teacher will not be held responsible for it.According to the magazine, Gwen described the package as “dangerous, empty, unnecessary.”

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Gwen criticizes academic freedom package

“It is correct to assume that the provisions should support academic freedom, which is already guaranteed by the Polish Constitution. […] However, the analysis of the proposed bill indicates that the regulations stipulated in it will not lead to the supposed goal” – Gowin quotes “DGP”.[…] This kind of legal justification may lead to the spread of anti-science and extremist attitudes in the academic world with impunity, and the proposed regulation can be used in this context as a specific justification for behavior that violates the standards of academic debate. As a result, the level of scientific research and teaching in Poland may decline” – warned Gowen.

Kazarnik responds to Gwen. “There should be a space for the expression of views”

The current Minister of Science, Przemyslav Czarnik, has already responded to Guin’s accusations. In his view, “there should be space in the scientific debate for the expression of different views on certain issues—even those that differ widely, and the evaluation of which should be based on the accuracy of the arguments used”— newspaper quotes. The Minister also emphasized that it will still be possible for the employer to take appropriate measures against the employee who does not perform his duties properly. “The fact of the emergence of differences in the views of representatives of the academic community should be considered creative and valuable” – he emphasizes.

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Protest in front of the Ministry of Education and Science“Kazarnik, go away!”. Protest in front of the Ministry of Education

In November last year, Czarnik spoke about the “lack of freedom of science.”

While anyone with left-wing views could easily organize a conference, even a pseudo-scientific conference in any public university, and what is more, it would be well recognized by the university authorities, we often hear that pro-life conferences, conservative conferences or Catholic subjects , can’t it be regulated because there is no time, no place, or the authorities simply do not agree. Such situations are becoming more frequent. […] In this regard, the provisions that will form the package that will be the package of freedom have already been designed and analyzed. He said a package would release academic teachers with conservative, Christian, and patriotic views from disciplinary and even explanatory responsibility for their opinions.