The semi-finals of Eurovision 2022 were held on Tuesday and Thursday, in which ten artists were promoted. They join the representatives of the Big Five, the automatic finalists – France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain and this year’s host, Italy. This is the order in which the artists will work.

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Romania
  3. Portugal
  4. Finland
  5. Switzerland
  6. France
  7. Norway
  8. Armenia
  9. Italia
  10. Spain
  11. Holland
  12. Ukraine
  13. Germany
  14. Lithuania
  15. Azerbaijan
  16. Belgium
  17. Greece
  18. Iceland
  19. Moldova
  20. Sweden
  21. Australia
  22. Great Britain
  23. Poland
  24. Serbia
  25. Estonia

The Eurovision 2022 final kicks off on Saturday 14 May at 21:00. The broadcast can be watched on TVP1, TVP Polonia, and on the Internet – on the TVP VOD platform, but also on the Internet. At the top of our article you will find a live broadcast of the Eurovision 2022 Song Contest.

Christian Uchmann – The River. How do you vote for Poland?

First, reporters from all 40 countries participating in Eurovision 2022 will submit jury points from their home country. The lower notes will appear on the screens automatically, and the correspondents will announce only to those awarded the highest – 12 points. Once we know the full standings of the jury, we’ll move on to the viewers’ score. However, the results of audience voting from all countries will be summarized in advance. Starting with the piece with the fewest points from the jury, we’ll find out how many points it got in total. Thus, until the performance won the votes of the jury. The winner will not be known until the end. Of course, the winner will be the performer who scored the most points in both categories.

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From Poland we can vote by sending Premium SMS to all finalists, but not to Krystian Ochman. According to Eurovision rules, voting for a representative of your country is not allowed. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Poles living abroad can, of course, vote for Christian – as long as they have a country-specific phone number. Voting will be facilitated by the official Eurovision app (downloadable for iOS and Android), but it will not free us from paying for SMS.

In Poland we vote by sending an SMS to 73555 (cost according to the tariff offered by TVP during transmission). In the text, enter the code assigned to the song you’re voting for: 01 to 25, but without 23, because it’s Krystian Ochman’s starting number. We can cast no more than twenty single-digit votes. It doesn’t matter if it’s sounds for the same song, twenty different sounds, or spread out in any way.

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