The competition in the final was huge and the Polish actor, Christian Ochmann, was having a difficult task finding himself in a group of interesting artists – representing very different musical styles. Who did voters like the most?

Eurovision 2022 Final

Today’s event, which was organized in Turin, became a wonderful musical feast for millions of spectators. They had the opportunity to listen to both romantic ballads and active dance songs. The creativity of some singers could not go unnoticed. Attention was drawn to the representatives of Ukraine – the Kalush Orchestra – who performed the composition “Stefania”. After the performance, they appealed to the international community to save Mariupol and other places that are currently under attack by the Russians:

Much attention in the official Eurovision channels was paid to Christian Ochmann, who during his performance of the song “River” was compared to Andrea Bocelli. Information about him was captured on Twitter:

who won?

Around 11:15 p.m., voting began. You can cast your vote via SMS and a special application. The key is not to vote for your country. While the votes are being cast, viewers can listen to “Non Ho L’Età” by Gigliolia Cinquetti and see the costumes the artists have used over the years. Desiring people can decide on the best artist by midnight. The last seconds are counted down. Viewers’ votes were counted. Subsequently, information from 40 European countries was also collected from the jury members. At first, many votes were cast in favor of Spain, but at this point in the voting, the situation changed very quickly. After seven votes were cast, Great Britain, which had been in first place for a long time, took the position of leader. After some time, it was understood that the singer representing our country, despite the support of many fans, would not win. After 40 countries voted, the highest score was given to the performance of the Great Britain team, which then received a total of 283 points. However, these were not all results. Finally, the rest of the data was analyzed, which led to a significant change in the situation in some countries. It took first place, ahead of the United Kingdom and Serbia. Ukraine took a record 439 points for the audience, received 631 points:

Ukraine and Great Britain vied for victory. In the end, after all the votes were counted, Ukraine won!

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